Gigapan Update

As many of you are aware, there have been some significant changes at Gigapan over the past several months. We appreciate the support many of you have shown and want to keep you updated on what the future holds, as well as address some of the concerns and questions you may be experiencing.

Gigapan has gone through a significant restructure and will continue to rebuild and strengthen the company. During this process, we’ve refocused our efforts on improving existing hardware, developing new hardware and software, and creating some additional digital products and services.

We have fielded several questions regarding the website and what will happen with Gigapan member images. The website will continue to exist and every member will still be able to upload, view, snapshot, comment, print and embed their images. We will also continue to focus on the development and user experience of the website over the next six months.

We are also aware of a few glitches and bugs on the website. We are working towards fixing these issues and appreciate you bringing them to our attention. Please keep in mind, Gigapan has limited development staff and these changes will take time.

We appreciate your patience and loyalty as we work towards restoring Gigapan as a leader in gigapixel community. We remain committed to supporting our existing hardware and website users and if you have any specific questions, please feel free to email us directly at

-Team Gigapan