10,000 Public Gigapan Panoramas!

Congratulations to everyone: the gigapan.org site hosts more than 10,000 publicly viewable panoramas now. This is a wonderful milestone. The credit for the 10,000th public panorama uploaded goes to Miroslav Kralcak whose panorama is
Torrent de Parells- quite a beautiful shot in Spain. Congratulations Miroslav on your 118th upload.

Gigapan Exhibit at ICE

We just returned from the International Conference on Education, which is run by UNESCO's International Board of Education. We were honored to be invited to have an exhibit there, and even to give a speech to the ministers of education about our educational work with UNESCO using Gigapan. Here is a Gigapan taken by Laura Tomokiyo and Illah of our exhibit, which was well visited at the exhibit floor of the international conference. This is a fun view because you can see how impressive the Gigapan panoramas are when printed out several meters wide.