Happy Birthday, Oregon!

Happy 154th birthday, Oregon! Gigapan is celebrating with a gallery or beautiful images around our great state. In this gallery you will see images of Portland, Crater Lake, Mt. Hood, and other iconic locations around Oregon.

Check out the gallery here: http://gigapan.com/galleries/10294/gigapans

Meet Our New CEO, Josh Friedman

We are thrilled to announce Josh Friedman has joined Gigapan as our new CEO! In his role, Josh will lead the company’s strategic direction and help GigaPan build on the strong growth it achieved in 2012.

Friedman brings more than 15 years of experience working with entrepreneurs and building startups. Most recently, he was chief operating officer and a board member of Rumblefish, the leading music licensing company. Prior to that, he co-founded NedSpace, a provider of co-working facilities for entrepreneurs and startups, and Eleven Wireless, a software-as-a-service company that provides a platform for hotels to provide revenue-generating services to their guests. 

Before founding Eleven, Friedman launched the business development organization at Tripwire, and began his career in the newly formed server group at Intel. He graduated from Oregon State University.

Friedman joins Gigapan at a crucial time, as the company is experiencing record growth. With more than 50,000 members and nearly 100,000 panorama images uploaded to its website, Gigapan delivers high-resolution photos that allow people to explore images in incredible detail. The company has also partnered with major companies including TBS, CNN, National Geographic, NBC, Sports Illustrated, Major League Baseball and the Geological Society of America to help engage with audiences, drive traffic and increase overall brand visibility.

Read the full news release here: http://gigapan.com/cms/pdf/ceopressrelease.pdf

Super Bowl XLVII Gigapan Image

Sports Illustrated photographer David Bergman and Josh Lehrer created this GigaPan image during the Baltimore Ravens 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII at the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans yesterday. The image was made up of 220 individual photos (20 across by 11 down) taken over a 38-minute span in the first quarter. The final high-resolution image is 101,800 x 37,419 pixels, or 3,809 megapixels.

Check out the GigaPan image here.

GigaPan Education Highlights

The GigaPan Youth Exchange project combines cultural inquiry, NASA imaging technology, and social media to let secondary-school students experience something of the life of their peers around the world. Here is one account of Gigpan being used in Chile:

Students read and examined tales from international and national authors. They first researched elements of writing, types of narration, styles of characters, the time in which the tale took place, the location, and the social-cultural context. Afterwards they used the GigaPan to photograph themselves as they represented the author’s vision. Students had to represent characters so they dressed themselves up as their particular character would.  They decided to act out a scenario and with roles in place used the GigaPan to record the scene. When the GigaPan finished the recording the images were uploaded to the GigaPan Dialogues Community education website. Students shared the GigaPan image with other classrooms that in turn did the same.
If you have access to the education.gigapan.org site, find more details here: