9,000 Gigapans posted!

Congratulations are due to Russ Dodd for posting the 9,000th Gigapan panorama ever to our small community. We would never have guessed one year ago when this project website began that there would be so many wonderful panoramas shared by so many enthusiasts. We will have to work out a special prize, of course, for the 10,000th Gigapan panorama upload. In the meantime, let's enjoy Russ's Gigapan.

Earth Science continues!

There has been so much appreciation of Ron Schott's excellent collections of geological curated gigapans that even though Earth Science Week ended a week ago, we continue to feature new sets from Ron on the front page of gigapan.org. Today is Coastal & Shorelines, and there will be two more themes before we are all done: Yosemite National Park; and Sediment, Rocks, Roadcuts & Outcrops.

This has been a wonderful guest curation experience. I encourage everyone to consider creating collections of Gigapan panoramas that we will be happy to feature on the front page. If you have a collection and you are ready to share it, contact me by email with your list at illah at cs.cmu.edu.

Gigapan Gallery in atoms not bits

We just returned from South Africa, where MuseumAfrica in Johannesburg now has a beautiful gallery exhibit called 'Gigapan Conversations.' This is a collection of Gigapan panoramas and conversations between students in Soweto and Pittsburgh, PA about culture, inclusion and history. Here is a link to some information about this first try at taking the internet world of Gigapan into the physical world of paper. If you have a chance to visit the gallery, notice that there are special conversation markers there that you can use to add to the ongoing conversations on the gallery walls! This project is part of our partnership with UNESCO to bring the world closer through cross-cultural connections.

Earth Science Week

This week is Earth Science Week, and thanks to member Ron Schott we are presenting curated geologically themed Gigapan panoramas on the front page each day of the week. Today is mountains, my very favorite category. For more information visit Earth Science Week's website.