GigaPan goes to the world series

Thanks to David Bergman, the photographer who took our ever-famous Obama inauguration photo, GigaPan is at the world series! Enjoy this gigapan from the first game, in Yankee Stadium, on Major League Baseball's website. More details soon.

Fine Outreach for Science begins

The third ever Fine Outreach for Science workshop started tonight with a wonderful reception. We are honored to welcome 31 ecologists, anthropologists, geologists, historians, designers, environmental researchers [the list goes on!] to Pittsburgh for this very special event where interdisciplinary sharing is combined with a complete introduction to the GigaPan system, which each scientist takes home with them as newly inducted Fine GigaPan Fellows.

Two Outside Projects

It is always a pleasure to see others using GigaPan in new ways. Thanks to some of our educational outreach from the CREATE Lab we are seeing educational and experimental projects with GigaPan devices cropping up. Here are two recent examples:
Photographer Rick Braveheart documents Badlands National Park

Pittsburgh Art Institute use the GigaPan robot for their own presentation website

A new milestone

We are very happy to pass a major milestone; there are now more than 25,000 publicly viewable GigaPans on this website. Congratulations to everyone. Searches across all manner of terms yield outstanding images and snapshots, and for this everyone should be proud.

Buenos Aires time capsule

A wonderfully creative lab in Argentina is doing a Time Capsula project for the Argentinian government because their country is celebrating its 200th anniversary next year. As part of this, they are taking some outstanding GigaPans of Argentina. The collection is really well worth looking at. The tag is "capsula2210" and I have enjoyed looking both at the most popular view as well as the largest panoramas from the lab. Enjoy.

Darwin's Darkest Hour

Announcing NOVA's Darwin's Darkest Hour. The show airs tonight on PBS, and concurrent with this WGBH/NOVA has released an interactive website about the Galapagos Islands. Thanks to Randy Sargent and the GigaPan team working with WGBH, we are very proud to show GigaPan panoramas of the Galapagos Islands integrated into their interactive multimedia platform. A special thanks also goes out to Bruce Perry and his wonderful GigaPanning that made this possible. Enjoy.