GigaPan Magazine new issue

The newest issue of GigaPan Magazine is out: Culture Shop - thanks to everyone who made this possible, including Dror Yaron who is editing the magazine. Enjoy.

Jim Richardson blogs on the GigaPan

National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson has written a
blog entry on using GigaPan at a Small World guitar concert. I wish I had been there!

Educational Article

Here is a brief article in the Tribune-Review about one of the schools now using GigaPan for international cross-cultural exchanges.

Stephen King meets GigaPan

A very nice set-up GigaPan has been shot for publicizing Stephen King's newest book, there is an embed on wired; and the original image is at: GigaPan.

Nice Educational Article

Here is a nice article about the use of a gigapan for geomorphology class by Winona State University staff and students. Enjoy...