5 Gigapixel Manual pano!

Congratulations to Zoran who posted a five billion pixel panorama inside Macedonia. The really amazing part is that he put this panoarama together manually, using no robot. Very impressive. Thank you to Kilgore for making us aware of this upload.

NASA piece on GigaPan

Thanks to our friends at NASA/Ames, we've been notified that GigaPan is a featured story on the latest NASA 360 program. You can listen to it here.

Half Terapixel Recognition

Thanks to the observations of our friend Kilgore, I'm happy to congratulate Ron Schott for having established a whole new record. He has uploaded more than half a terapixel of GigaPan data to the site now. And his average GigaPan size is more than one gigapixel. Few can make that claim. Congratulations Ron!

A new first

OnOrbit has a nice article about the highest GigaPans ever taken from the surface of the earth, thanks to Scott Parazynski- both an astronaut and now an Everest climber.

Pine Ridge Camp

I am back from National Geographic Photo Camp in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, part of the Lakota Nation lands. The time there was, in many ways, life-changing. We have greatly enjoyed collaborating with National Geographic to bring both DSLRs and Gigapan equipment to the students there. For a taste of their panoramic productions so far, the tag to look for is pineridge.

One fun challenge. This pano has a rattlesnake in it. Really. Can you find it?

Gigapan Magazine issue 2

GigaPan Magazine has just published its second issue: South Pole. It is a wonderful exploration. Thanks to Ella Derbyshire, our guest editor, who is a frequent gigapanner and the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station Physician. Enjoy.

And I'm back from South Africa, so I look forward to posting again.
Elephants are something I saw there. Along with the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve.