GigaPan in the Mattress Factory

It is a new milestone that the Mattress Factory, a fantastic museum in Pittsburgh, PA, is hosting a show by sculptor Thaddeus Mosley, that includes GigaPan technology as part of the exhibit. Here is an article about this wonderful work.

Argentina Epic 100

This is a beautiful overall image from our Argentinean friends with an Epic 100 using a Digital Rebel (EOS) DSLR. I love the overall look of the evening picture as the sky darkens left to right.

Great Pittsburgh Work of Art Award

Congratulations to the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild MCG Youth program, and our very own Dror Yaron, who are finalists for a "Work of Art" award from the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. This is a wonderful honor for their work for:
using Gigapan Technology to develop learning experiences that connected youth with their communities and opened collaborations around the world.

Epic 100

So by now everyone knows that Gigapan Systems just released the Epic 100. We are having fun with this, and can't wait to see who out there tries out some DSLR's in the community with the 100. Let us know how that goes and we'll report back to everyone.

Fast search!

Just in case you hadn't noticed, a new search functionality has been released thanks to the outstanding work of the GigaPan software team. Search has become several times faster and I encourage you to give it a spin, trying out some favorite terms and seeing what you discover both in terms of panoramas and in terms of user-annotations. Enjoy, and a big thanks again to the software engineers who worked so very hard on this.

Chicago O'Hare GigaPans

Just in case you haven't heard yet, Chicago has announced a fantastical set of full-size printed out, 30 foot wide GigaPans in the halls of O'Hare airport, as well as touchscreens where travelers can explore GigaPans that the CREATE lab and others have taken. One Daily Herald story. Also, you can visit the Chicago tourism website and actually tour the GigaPans right here.