AIR gallery panorama

All, here is a panorama taken inside the AIR gallery, where Gigapan Conversations opened last Friday. This is fun to explore just to see how we bring the GigaPan world to life in a physical space- especially how the public will be commenting on the gallery walls. The space is quite large, and this is a panorama of just a small portion of the gallery, perhaps 1/4 of the total space.

More Storytelling by Members

Kilgore661, one of our most active British members, has just created a story-telling site as well. Here is an excellent overview of the city of Bath in the United Kingdom. Inspired I believe by Sarah Palin, it's entitled "Zoom, Baby, Zoom." Enjoy.

Storytelling with Gigapan

Well Ron Schott has prototyped something that we are very happy to see. Here is a website he has created that uses gigapan imagery to take you on a guided tour. I just tried it on Firefox and it worked very well in that browser. We are working on features to enable all members to tell stories like this, so if your web hacking skills leave you wanting more tools, be patient and we hope to satisfy you soon. Thank you Ron for sharing this- it is outstanding.

Veterans Day curated set

We are pleased to release a large curated set in honor of Veterans Day. It is now active, and each time you refresh or re-visit you will see one of the numerous Veterans and Memorials related gigapans on our site. I am touched that the site has such an impressive collection of imagery that, on a topic as important as this, a truly compelling set can be created with ease. Please share the link with those who will appreciate these Gigapan panoramas by individuals all around the world.

Gigapan Gallery Show in Pittsburgh

We have already had a first Gigapan gallery show in Johannesburg, South Africa, and we are proud to announce an upcoming educational Gigapan Conversations show in Pittsburgh, PA. The location is really quite cool-- Artists Image Resource is a nonprofit where artists can do lithography, screen printing, digital imaging, printing, building- and it is where we do most of the very large-scale printing of Gigapans on their very large paper, such as this one of Fynbos on my wall. Here is the official Carnegie Mellon news release about the opening we will have on 14 November, Friday, at 5pm. The gallery show is especially neat in that gallery visitors will be able to continue and extend conversations right on the gallery walls, just as they would on the site- so it's a physical realization of

Gigapan event in Belgium

Gigapan was invited to the NEXT consumer electronics fair in Brussels,
Belgium, the largest such fair in the low countries (Belgium, the
Netherlands, and Luxembourg). We will be presenting the Gigapan
robot, stitcher, and website at a booth at the fair, and will be
uploading Gigapans of the fair and the surrounding Brussels expo
center (site of the 1958 world fair). NEXT
(dutch and French only); Here is a link also for the
Brussels Expo