Extreme Resolution

Richard Palmer is a member who has special expertise in extremely large resolution Gigapans, among many other fantastic types of shots. He recently uploaded an incredible example- a Gigapan of
Koko Crater. This is more than 11 billion pixels, and what really stands out is the detail with which you can see hikers on the opposite side, hiking away. Truly stunning.

Global Connections

We have an educational example of Global Connection going on in
this panorama, one of the excellent panoramas taken in Iran by payam195r. A comment on his panorama talks of violence, of Islam and of Iran. Payam responds in a way that hearkens to our goals with Gigapan and with the Global Connection Project in general. Thank you Payam!

Inauguration flood!

Well you have all noticed the just amazing response to David Bergman's inauguration photo. There are articles in all manner of blogs, and there is even a short article in the
Christian Science Monitor. We are so pleased with the response and hope our community grows by leaps and bounds! We hope you understand why we'll keep the inauguration Gigapan on the gigapan.org front page for a few days yet. Then curation will resume...

Inauguration Gigapan!

Well we have a great inauguration gigapan thanks to David Bergman, to whom we lent a Gigapan only a week ago in the hopes he could cover inauguration. Big thanks to Gigapan Systems for making this happen. The gigapan is here and there is one article about it already
in Gizmodo.

Walking Tours

Thanks to some outstanding Gigapan community members, something fun to share is an example of a walking tour:

These are walks around Bath and much more is to come. I cannot wait until wizards make it
easy for all to create animated tours. It is coming.

Recipe-filled Dinner Gigapan

I have finally finished something I have been meaning to share for two months. Our thanksgiving gigapan - contains snapshots with links to all the recipes we used. Enjoy.

NPR embeds Gigapans

Thanks to Ron Schott for noticing that NPR has embedded Gigapans into an on-line story for the first time:
Murals Depict Power of Law and Justice

My wife and I heard the story on the air and were thinking, "what a great application for Gigapan. All these murals. We should contact them and convince them to use it." Of course they already had.

Inauguration Gigapans

Hi everyone,
Here is a networking message from the folks at Gigapan Systems for you all. The 2009 Presidential Inauguration is an historic event to capture with some gigapans, and Gigapan Systems is working on having some cameras there. They are wondering who from amongst our community is also going to be there, to coordinate. So, if you are planning to gigapan there, please email them if
you want to collaborate: customerservice@gigapansystems.com


Top tech story at the UK Times online

This is fun-- the Times publishes the most popular on-line tech stories of the year. This year we are on their list-- and in fact Gigapan is #1. Thanks to Randy Sargent for discovering this: