Screen Actors Guild Awards

Gigapan and Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. have collaborated to create an interactive, gigapixel image at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California this past weekend. Through Gigapan technology, viewers can zoom in and explore the incredible detail of this prestigious event within the entertainment industry.

The SAG Awards image was captured before the ceremony at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center on January 26, 2013. Zoom into the image to see where the celebrities were sitting:

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Exciting new features from Gigapan! We recently added new printing and mobile capabilities to our suite of hardware, software, and cloud-based viewing.

Unique high-definition, interactive gigapixel images created with Gigapan technology can now be printed directly from our website. With this new service, visitors to the Gigapan site can purchase and print images in a range of sizes from the hundreds of images in Gigapan’s print gallery.

Also, to enhance the mobile viewing experience, Gigapan has introduced a new viewing capability that allows its images embedded on all external websites accessible via iOS devices.

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Happy New Year from Gigapan

Welcome to the new year! Enjoy the the top images from 2012: Kaaba, Opening Ceremonies, Space Shuttle in Extreme Detail, and Cardinals at Giants Game

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Photo credit: Issam Kanafani