Easter Egg Exhibit & Prize

The folks at Gigapan Systems have announced an easter egg Gigapan contest which will be good fun. So, hide many things, take a Gigapan and post it. So we can all find your entries easily, I suggest tagging all of them with "easter" and "2009." There is even a first place prize: a Manfrotto 190 CX tripod. I believe this will be the first time Gigapanning can yield a prize. Their deadline is 12PM EST on 10 April.

6 trillion pixels and counting!

We're happy to announce that we have broken the 6 trillion pixels milestone on Gigapan.org. To be precise, this morning there were a total of 6,034,848,260,503 pixels worth of panoramic imagery being served. Congratulations everyone, and thank you for being part of this new movement!

GigaPan in England

Next week we are conducting a special GigaPan workshop at the Study Gallery in Dorset, England to train scientists who study the world heritage site, the Jurassic Coast. Bournemouth University will be setting up a special lending library of GigaPan imagers for those who graduate from this course, so this is an exciting new direction. In addition on Thursday evening, 26 March, at 7PM I will be giving a public lecture about the GigaPan project there, at Bournemouth University in Allsbrook Theatre. This workshop is funded by the
Fine Family Foundation and the Fine Foundation, so all thanks to them for making this possible.

Brazil in GigaPan images

Last year, an artist from the Andy Warhol Museum started working with a GigaPan in order to create a website relating to a celebration of Brasilia, Brazil. I am impressed with the embedded results because it looks so beautiful. Enjoy...

Fast Conversations

With many thanks to the Gigapan development team, the front page will now have more dynamic content, including links to news and other places of interest. Look for many more improvements in the coming months. Some of you may wonder where Conversations have gone. The orange Conversations button at the top right is now far faster, reimplemented architecturally, and so you can now enjoy browsing the many connections and discussions going on in our community. Enjoy.

Huffington Post

A very nice mention in the Huffington Post about the Gigapan Epic. Enjoy.

Coal SD850 SD880 comparison

Here are two snapshots of nearly the same coal seam with the SD880 (left) and the old SD850 (right) from almost exactly the same position. The SD880 snapshot shows much better resolution, which is promising. In general a nice effect of the Gigapan system is that as camera technology improves an existing Gigapan robot benefits as a side effect quite naturally.

SD880 tests

All, one of our favorite simple cameras, the Canon SD850, is no longer sold; so we have been trying out its "newer neighbor," the SD880. The results are somewhat encouraging, although it does have some vignetting against the blue sky at full zoom. Some examples worth looking at (thanks to Kilgore and Marti for these):
Coal Mine
By the River
Queen Square

The detail at full zoom is reasonably good, which is good news.

Geneva Auto Show

Bryon Paul McCartney has taken some nice GigaPan panoramas of the Geneva Auto Show. There is a wide shot and a close-up of the newest, most expensive Bugatti. The twin panoramas have been embedded on ImageEngineers. Congratulations, Bryon.