New Gigapan Field Backpack

As a company, Gigapan listens very carefully to our customers and it was clear that our EPIC Pro backpack wasn't meeting our more advanced users’ needs. I myself, like most outdoor photographers, am always looking for a better backpack; one that has enough storage for a full day’s kit of photography gear (and water, lunch, a coat...) but is functional enough for remote locations. Gigapan clearly needed to create a pack with more storage, better support, and a place to put a notebook for in-the-field image management. 

After gathering customer feedback and extensive field testing of other backpack models, I dove into the design process. My requirements were centered around carrying the EPIC Pro, adding in a modular storage insert, creating additional space for lenses and camera bodies, including a pocket for a large notebook, and crafting a solution for carrying a large professional tripod. I was quickly able to accommodate most of the requirements by expanding the current pack size, adding a waist belt and sternum strap, and adding a notebook tray to the front flap which would open fully so accessing the pack when it is on the ground is easy. I also added mesh pockets for easy access and storage. 

One challenging part was working to develop a heavy tripod mount that was balanced and clean when not in use. The solution was a foot cup on the bottom and a top strap centered on the front flap that zips into pockets when needing to be tucked away. This allows for heavy, professional grade tripod carrying with clean lines and no dangling straps to get caught on branches or in airport x-ray machines. When using lighter tripods, users can store them on the pack’s side in the mesh pocket and secure them with a buckled strap. 

What is now available is a backpack specifically designed for professional grade, heavy use: the new Gigapan Field Backpack. 

Here are the specifics:

• Full harness, padded shoulder straps and waistbelt to help support additional carrying capacity with rugged rubber top handle for easy grip

• Black ballistic material shell (similar to the current EPIC Pro backpack) with large-pull, YKK weatherproof zippers

• Tall, zippered mesh accessory pockets for water bottle or small tripod with adjustable side webbing strap and side release buckle for easy handling/attaching of coats and accessory pouches

• Zippered compartment for storing tripod straps when not in use and room for larger tripods at the center of the pack for easy transport

• Larger front accessory compartment for storing media and personal gear, padded laptop pocket, and back panel with raised foam padding and nylon ventilated mesh to improve air flow

• Six inches of space above the packaged Pro to store extra lenses and accessories

• Gray nylon and tricot material interior, allowing for adjustment of removable padded insert and webbing straps on the sidewalls

• Backpack insert included for organization and padding

• Specifications:
Height: 19"
Width: 11"
Thickness: 9", tapering to 5"
Weight: 3.8lbs (including 0.28lbs insert)

As we get close to the end of summer, I hope all of the new Field Backpack features encourage you to go out and shoot amazing images HD images around the world. To learn more about the new Field backpack and other Gigapan Gear, please visit the product page:

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