Gigapan Rebrand : Mission, Values and Mantra

Gigapan has seen some exciting times in recent months, one of the more notable things being a look at the Gigapan brand itself. With a deeply rich and interesting history, coupled with advancements and opportunities in technology, we have found ourselves at a crossroads to investigate what Gigapan really stands for in the world today. The process involved has included looking intently into our culture, our founding vision, the current state of the brand overall, and the direction toward which we strive as a company and as a community of loyal Gigapan users and potential new enthusiasts.

What has emerged in the first stages of our massive rebrand are the foundational elements of the company's mission and values. These represent our core beliefs, our goals, what makes us unique, and what will drive us into the future. The Gigapan mission is a clear articulation of our core motivations in the world; essentially what gets us out of bed in the morning. Our values are those core traits and deeply held perspectives that will inform us in our business strategy, design, communications and community involvement. In addition, we have created an evolved mantra which we are unveiling here and which will serve as our tagline moving forward.

We proudly present the following, and hope that it inspires you as much as it inspires us. 

We inspire and connect the world by providing an ecosystem that enables people to experience, create, store, share and monetize remarkable HD imagery.

1. Openness
We strive to be thought leaders and supporters of our entire industry, embracing every innovation toward the greater good, regardless of provenance.

2. Intellect Being born from the pioneering spirits of engineering brains, we value intelligence, research, thoughtfulness and learning. In taking the role at times of an educator, mentor, arbiter, and guide, we assist people to experience a process of discovery and self-improvement and uphold the philosophy that knowledge is power.

3. Design Thinking
We strive to provide an inspiring experience and uphold the importance of both form and function. We encourage the pursuit of aesthetics, usability, simplicity and strategic thinking in every act. We endeavor to craft each interaction, whether digital or physical, as the best experience possible.

4. Individuality
Being the greater sum of many unique parts, we embrace self-expression, a clear and strong voice, and authenticity as impetus for our actions and decisions. By encouraging the many varied traits and personalities of our community, we empower those around us to promote their own perspective and vision.

5. Creativity
At our core, we encourage and enable a search for invention and the artistic pursuits that surround all aspects of remarkable HD image creation and the technology that enables those pursuits. Combining a love of problem-solving with the inspiration of the created object, we celebrate the expressive qualities of the artist, photographer, technologist, researcher, educator and maker.

6. Fearlessness
We accept challenges with a fearless spirit in the face of a constantly changing world. We are proud of our mastery and knowledge, but not boastful, harnessing bravery and humility in equal measure. Our internal drive to move forward technologically, creatively and altruistically, supersedes barriers and empowers us to enable others by example.

OUR MANTRA The importance of a company's mantra cannot be understated, because it needs to be used frequently and apply to the brand in the current day as well as into tomorrow. The task of distilling Gigapan to its essence was, as it should be, thoughtful, collaborative and careful. It was all about stripping away complexities in a search for clarity and enlightenment. What we have unearthed is a sentiment that relates to the entire narrative of the Gigapan brand: In its genesis, Gigapan took us to the cosmos to show us something we had never laid eyes upon before. In its commercial iteration, Gigapan has allowed us to expand our view and discover remarkable details that, even with the naked eye, were often hidden. And into the future, Gigapan will give us the opportunity to broaden our own personal vision by empowering us to create, share, learn and engage more than we could ever imagine.

Thus, our mantra, our directive, is "See more."

We will see more, not only in the literal sense as HD imagery will move increasingly into our vernacular; we will also experience more, realize more, succeed more and collaborate more. As Gigapan moves into a future where we continue to leverage the original core of gigapixel panoramic image capture and viewing, we encourage the world to open up not only their seeing eyes, but also their internal vision for what is possible.

Gigapan. See more.