Gigapan Launches New Membership Services

Gigapan is happy to present exciting new changes to Membership! We have created an accessible way for all types of Gigapan users to network, grow their business, participate in monetization opportunities, expand their audience and continue to discover remarkable HD imagery from every corner of the globe and discipline.

By introducing a set of tiered membership levels, we have provided everyone from enthusiasts to professionals access to better functionality and added opportunities, helping our users expand their global reach. Members can now choose which level best fits their needs: Basic, Premier, Elite or Enterprise. We started by adding new features to Basic Membership, and added even more inspiring features at the paid levels.

As an existing Basic member, you will continue to enjoy all of the benefits you have always had. All you need to do is sign in to explore the new features and layout. All of your existing information and images remain the same.

If you are new to Membership and thinking about signing up, check out the details and learn more at Joining is simple and if you are upgrading to a new level, all your images and content will follow you.

Foundational access to Gigapan functionality, including:
• A customizable profile page
• Print monetization (25% revenue share after costs)
• Unlimited uploads, galleries and storage, and no limits to traffic for your images

PREMIER $25/month
Includes all the functionality of Basic, with added features including:
• Tools that help you organize your work
• Generate more revenue on prints (100% revenue share after costs)
• Promote yourself or your business

ELITE $100/month
Provides added features for the professional and prosumer member, including:
• Print monetization, 100% revenue share after costs
• Discounts on digital products and hardware
• Enhanced promotional tools including a searchable for-hire badge
• Access to contribute on the Gigapan blog as a quarterly contributor

Enterprise $1000/month
Offers the most comprehensive organizational tools including:
• Customizable account handling and access for teams
• Special pricing for unlimited digital products
• Generate more revenue on prints (100% revenue share after costs)
• Personalized service and support

Not only have we added new membership levels, but we’ve also done some housekeeping to the structure of membership. Based on research, design and feedback, a new layout has been created. Here is a walk-through of those changes:

My Gigapan
Once you sign in, you will always be able to return to your portfolio by clicking on “My Gigapan”, which automatically routes you to your entire image archive, with personal galleries, favorites and snapshots in one central location.

To keep our members connected, we’ve created an epicenter of network activity. This is where you will be able to keep track of Groups you’ve joined, Forum posts you’ve recently written, retrieve and send messages, and access the Gigapan Directory.

We have renamed the Images section to Portfolio, a central location to view and organize every one of your images.

Your profile is your presentation to the world, so we’ve given you more opportunities to customize this page. Previously, this is where you were directed when you clicked on your username. It is now the central place to create and share your identity, and it is the only public section of your account that anyone can view. You can choose a specific name or business under which you are known, versus being presented purely as your username. In addition, you can curate the images, galleries, snapshots and favorites that you wish your audience to see, along with a list of the gear you use.

For Premier and Elite members, the ability to market oneself as “For Hire” is available in this area as well. This feature integrates into the Directory to highlight a member’s availability and is searchable


This newly added section provides a dedicated space for personal settings, retrieving and changing your password, updating your email address, setting your email preferences, entering your shipping and billing address, setting print monetization on or off, and access to digital products.

For Premier and Elite members, we’ve included a feature called Projects, giving users the structure to create sets of images that allow them to keep track of a more complex workflow.

For Enterprise users, a special section is provided called Team, within which an administrator in an organization can manage the people in their company that they’ve assigned to a Gigapan job. The ability to assign roles, limit or open up access to those team members, invite and search for photographers, and collaborate in a common workspace, is part of the added value to this highest level of membership.

Print Monetization
All members also now have the opportunity to make money by allowing people to print their images. In this new structure, a member can easily set his or her retail price as desired, or leave retail prices as is, while still benefitting and making money. Basic members will receive a 25% revenue share of the retail price above Gigapan costs, while Premier, Elite and Enterprise members will keep 100% of the revenue share above Gigapan costs.

We are excited to present this new membership structure to the world. We look forward to your feedback and are thrilled to welcome you and new members to the expanded Gigapan family.

For more information about the new membership features and details, visit the Gigapan Membership FAQ and our press release

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