Gigapan Tag: New Product Update and Name Change

Gigapan is excited to announce the launch of Gigapan Tag (formerly GigaTag), a digital marketing product that allows users to zoom into an HD image, find themselves and friends, tag themselves on Facebook, and take interesting snapshots of the image to share, all of which sends a post to their social timeline. Learn more about Tag in our in our press release.

In addition, Facebook has recently modified their API platform which only allows users to tag themselves. This means that Gigapan Tag users can no longer tag their friends, but they can continue to tag themselves, take snapshots, share the image and encourage their friends to go in and tag themselves. 

All of these changes reflect our continued efforts to improve the brand and customer experience of Gigapan as a whole, so please stay tuned for additional announcements and news!

Questions about Tag? Contact, or post a comment here or in our forum.

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