FOCUS : Perspectives Through the Gigapan Lens

Today, Gigapan launches a new feature on the blog called FOCUS, which offers up our point of view on topics ranging from photography and art, to science and philosophy, to pop culture, to business and innovation, and everything in between.

In addition to creating great consumer experiences in the field of panoramic and high-resolution imaging, Gigapan gets really excited by creativity, advancements in technology and science, and diverse opinions that make us - and hopefully our users and readers - think more deeply. In the midst of our individual daily roles at Gigapan, we each have the desire to explore and share our discoveries that inspire wonder, create joy and teach us something new.

With our FOCUS feature, we will shine a light on the innovations, advancements and sometimes quirky happenings that occur every day out in the world. We will also be serving up longer articles relating more specifically to the Gigapan industry, for example how Gigapan photography is changing the way we interact with images, what the implications of this type of image capture has on our society, and the psychology behind our collective obsession with capturing moments and diving so deeply into the results.

We hope you enjoy this feature as we hone in on the world and FOCUS.

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