Graduation Day, Carnegie Mellon

The best graduation GigaPan Panorama, so far, has been shot thanks to the joint work of Jeff Baker and Randy Sargent, here. The Canon G10 was an excellent camera for this purpose, and the folks at Gigapan Systems have written a few pointers for such panoramas of crowds. Here are their pointers:

Graduation Shot Tips and Ideas

Freeze Motion – Capture the whole scene and crowd, and then re-shoot areas in motion to drop these shots into the final panorama in post-production
Practice, Practice, Practice – Set up your Epic and take a test run of the empty commencement area before the big event to make sure you are all set to go
Location is Everything – Depending on your surroundings, set your tripod above the crowd or at an elevated level to capture the full scene. Set the white balance on your camera to daylight, cloudy, tungsten, or fluorescent,
Batteries - Always make sure to bring an extra set of re-chargeable batteries, just in case.

And a few more tips:
o Unplug the batteries in the Epic when transporting it to ensure they don’t drain if the OK button is accidently bumped.
o Re-chargeable batteries can drain even when they are not being used, so be sure the batteries you charged a week ago are still charged.