Welcome to the GigaPan Blog!

Welcome to the GigaPan blog. We intend to use this venue to make you aware of feature additions and changes on the GigaPan website and to provide you with more information on the status of retail sales of the GigaPan camera system. There is also a great deal of outreach activities employing the GigaPan technology all over the world, from schoolchildren documenting their neighborhood identity to internationally recognized scientists documenting biodiversity. This will also be a great vehicle for telling you about some of these programs and the GigaPan gallery shows coming up that will showcase all sorts of Gigapanners. On this last note, Robot 250 just came to an end. At www.robot250.org click on “Media” for a gallery of images, some taken in the GigaPan gallery that we set up at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA as part of this event. There was even an interactive kiosk with three trackballs in this gallery that enabled museum visitors to explore Gigapan panoramas.